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January 1, 2018

This year I have decided to get more serious about my blogging! I want to start this year with a couple of goals.  2018: Writing every day,  reading my scriptures every day and some kind of physical activity four to five days week. Writing is one of them!  I felt like website renovation was in order to help motivate me – something refreshing!  What do you think??

I do believe in setting goals, creating a plan, and working towards something you decided on! I like the idea of being intentional, taking the initiative, being disciplined and focused on having a theme to your intentions.

2015, 2016, family word boards

I’ve always tried to devote beginning of the year to establish a plan for myself.  Sometimes it has been a written goal and steps, other times it has really been mapping out my on the calendar! One year I really focused and worked on writing a personal mission statement for life.   And several years it was simply setting I word for the year! I encouraged my husband and kiddos to do the same and we made our collection of words into sign I could hang on the wall.  Above are two we did.

2104, 3D vision board

A few times I have made vision boards. One year I made a three-dimensional vision board and glued all kinds of interesting things together that were symbolic of my goals, plans and ideas I had for myself. I think it was probably my favorite goal setting tool! I still look at it today and it is still motivating me.

2017, goal token

This past year I couldn’t really settle on anything except this statement kept re-appearing throughout my year so I made this tiny 1″ token to carry with me and remind me off all the many things I had set my sights on.

I am still working on all different goals I have set all these years.  I am a work in progress!

I’m still trying to decide what to do this year. What would my word be? Maybe this year it will be A motto or a phrase…

“The best is yet to come.”

“Without the challenge, there wouldn’t be change!”


“Get it done”


I am still thinking about what it will be! I’d really like to do a vision board again but I do like changing it up. Hmmm….

What goals have you set for yourself this year?  how do you write them? track them? remember them??


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