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January 6, 2018

Today I’m back to thinking about my goal planning and making 2018 purposeful.

President Thomas S. Monson, the prophet of my church died this past week and I there have been many of his famous quotes floating around on social media.  When I saw this one it struck a cord and I wanted to take note of it.  I like simple directions broken down into very doable steps that could make a profound impact if taken to heart.  Which I think is exactly as both President Monson and the Savior meant their directions to be:  simple, and applied and heartfelt.

President Monson

With all that in mind, I have been trying to decide on how to give myself a visual reminder of my 2018 attitude, beliefs, and courage to live decently.  I have been thinking about whether to make a vision board, a word board for our family again, or pick a personal phrase for the year?? or what???

I think I’m going to settle on four key value words to focus on this year! My company has 12 values they focus on and they zero in on one per month.  Their values provide a foundation for the direction and choices of the company.  I like the idea and I want to have something similar to myself.  It reminds me somewhat of my mission statement I wrote so many years ago.  It feels similar to me {and is still very relevant and significant to me today} but I want this is even more simple and very visual.  My “quest” as President Monson has called it, to stand firmly on this year in all the areas of my life and in all the directions I take and choices I make.

Because I am a list maker, I will still have “things” I want to do this year, but I am going to focus on staying true to some values I want to strengthen in all the things I do and in all the relationships I have.

For these words to be meaningful in a productive way to me, I have to try them on and sit on them for a while to make sure they are right. I have been doing that the past few weeks as I have been in this pondering process.  I have been making a list of words I think of, replacing them with more significant all-encompassing words and weeding down the list and trying to hone it to just 4.

I want to make a logotype image myself  to stick on things and remind myself.  I have been calling it my “life logo” for the year.   I will make some kind of plaque or board or frame to put up in my home this year, and probably some stickers for my planner. And hopefully, also a t-shirt to wear.  Maybe even a stamp that I can use for notecards etc.  Kind of branding myself  – claiming it, owning it and promoting it.  The frame and sticker and stamps and t-shirt will be pretty much Sprizzies for myself, to stay focused and reminded consistently of “who” I want to be as I work on my list of tasks.

What will your words be for 2018?  What will your 2018 Life Logo look like?


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