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Writing a Greeting Card

January 8, 2018

I was so happy when my daughter came to me insisting that before we went to bed she make a cute card for her friend at school whose birthday is tomorrow.  She didn’t want to draw a cheesy handmade card – we are a professional card making family after all!  She wanted something CUTE!

She knew we need to put some care and attention into this, and maybe paper piece something – cut it with the machine and glue it nicely – and it was for a boy so it needed to not be girly.  My little gal has some special needs and we are always encouraging her to be thoughtful and think outside herself, what other people would like.  This was a big deal that she was applying this kind of attentiveness to his card!  She even asked me to help so it was done neatly and well done.   She likes to throw things together haphazardly.  I was so pleased to hear her planning ahead, thinking about what he would like and slowing done to do a good job.

When she was all done she even said she wanted to wait till morning to write in it because she wanted to think about what she wanted to say.  She said she only knew of one thing she wanted to write and she actually wanted to write two things, so she needs to think more.  I loved the attention she was giving this Sprizzie card!

I love making cards and making them special and personal, but I am not so great at knowing what to write inside them. A friend of mine has coached her family how to write the most beautiful cards using a formula kind of idea.  I never remember the formula so I always struggle with what to write!

my friend’s formula is something like this:

  • 1st wish them a happy birthday
  • 2nd compliment them.  ie  “you are so kind and caring to others”
  • 3rd share a memory or something you like doing with them.  ie. “I will always enjoy our lunches together”

Do you have a way that you think about how to write something special inside of a card?

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