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2018 Life Logo

January 9, 2018

I have finally decided!  This is a follow up to my posts about creating goals and a life logo for the year.  I have thought a lot about it and these are my words – they represent way more than just 4 words.  Let me tell you a little about what each word means to me and then why I chose the arrows.

  • intentional: planning with a purpose, mindful, deliberate, authentic, using the platinum rule, prepared with a plan
  • determined: without giving up, persistent, unwavering, overcoming obstacles, passionate, hardworking, whatever it takes, disciplined
  • patient: not frustrated, self-controlled, good-natured, positive, enduring, openminded, accepting, willing to listen,
  • gracious: Christ-like, appreciative, meek, humble, kind, thoughtful, giving, accepting of help, courageous, faith over fear, capable of change

Intentional, because sometimes I plan last minute, on a whim, on a wing and a prayer.  I like it better when I don’t.  And I feel like I owe that to whomever I am planning for and with – that is the platinum rule.  Being purposeful in why I do things.  And I am wanting to learn to be more mindful, the “process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.”

Determined, because I want to follow through more effectively.  I have lots of ideas and start lots of great things and then peter out sometimes.  I want to choose what I do carefully (intentionally,) not taking on more than I can do, and then stick to it unwaveringly.  Overcoming what whatever roadblocks I come across,  persisting in effort, and consistently working till I accomplish what I set out to.

Patient: because patience is my nemesis! I have learned that frustration is caused by expectation, so I know I need to be realistic, stay present and mindful, accept what others can and can not do and be self-controlled in my response not to get overwhelmed.  Staying good-natured, open-minded and positive instead of getting grumbly!

And Gracious: as in one who has grace.   Christlike, humility and selflessness.  I want to be like the Saviour in meekness, strength, and faith.  I want be accepting of help and capable of change,  both of which require courage and faith.

So why the arrows?  Arrows for me represent direction, force, power, movement, aim, and drive.  When arrows are together they symbolize unity and friendship.  I don’t want to go at things alone, I want to tackle life with the family, friends alongside me and with the Savior’s inspiration and comfort.  When arrows are together they represent strength; a single arrow is more easily broken, breaking two arrows together is more difficult.   The diamonds on the shaft of the arrow represent the courage to move forward well under pressure.  Diamonds are the hardest material on earth and are formed under pressure.  And finally, feathers represent a lot of things but here, to me, they are symbolic of knowing when to “let go and let God.”  On an arrow, feathers can represent independence, liberty, and triumph.   Feathers have been known to be used to offer thanks and appreciation to God and symbolic of speaking to the gods much like prayer.

As Dallin H. Oaks said:

When we give thanks in all things,

we see hardships and adversities

in the context of the purpose of life.

And thus I come full circle in finding purpose in all that I do.

Did you discover your life logo for 2018 yet?  Will you share it with me?

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