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January 14, 2018

Valentines Day around here!  It is just one month till Valentines Day! Valentines Day is my favorite crafting holiday – it’s all about paper and glue!!

I am thinking of doing something fun for my “Little Missy” as I call her, (aka. my crafting protege and daughter) and some of her friends.  Looking for ideas and planning, makes me think back to some of my favorite Valentines Day projects and activities that we have done.

A few years ago I hosted a little rendezvous for my little missy.  I am all about the invitations setting the tone, so we made these sweet invites and then some favors and fun decorations. I needed to pick a graphic that was sweet but not too sweet because she was inviting both boys and girls. It was one of the first “boy /girl” parties that I really wasn’t sure if the boys would be into!   I wanted the invitation to make the boys happy and flattered for being invited but not squimish!

I picked  this file from Miss Kate Cuttables  

I love her files and have signed up to get her freebie Friday file so I remember to go check out her things every week.  I like making lots of layers, so I started with a print and cut of the words and then cut all the layers out of cardstock to adhere to the base white card.  I used 3M dimensional tape to make the rest pop out!  I think I use that tape for every project I make because I really like the look of the card having depth.  Sometimes, like on this card, I make things 3-4 layers deep!  I love paper like sewers love fabric and just like fabric, not all cardstock and paper is created equal!  I like heavy smooth cardstock most of the time but depending on the project I will use cheap lightweight cardstock. (And I just order it from Amazon)   My favorite cardstock is Stamp’n Up brand.  I can stamp on and cut it easily and it feels good to touch!! Really I could create a whole post on “All Cardstock is not created equal!”

This is how the invitations turned out!


Once the invites were out I worked on the decor – I always decorate for Valentines Day so I wanted to add another layer to what I normally decorate!  I have white lights up in my kitchen all the time (another story to explain) so I decided to learn how to make these tissue paper tassells – super cheap and great impact!   We wound up passing these on to friends for other parties!  They were time-consuming so I loved knowing they would be used again!

Using my Silhouette cutting machine and some matte finish adhesive vinyl we made labels for these old Starbuck bottles, and we added their names with a chalkboard marker. 

Then we made these cute straw gliders with another of Kate’s Cuttable Files.

We invited each of the kids to bring extra special Valentines to swap with each other and we had some fun things show up!!

Valentine Swaps

We did a great photo booth that everyone got pretty into and then we made the greatest Cookie Houses for that party!  It was a home run!

Have you ever thrown a Valentines Day party???? Have you got any giant Valentines Day plans??  Any particular plans for decorating??

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