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Pixie Pin Wheels

January 15, 2018

Everyone needs a cute Valentine for everyone in their class right?!  I love to make sure my kiddo’s are memorable!  I made these giant pinwheels out of giant Pixie Stix I bought at Smart and Final.  You could pick a file from the  Silhouette store or use the free printable below trace onto whatever paper you like and cut with scissors.  I sized it to cut it as large as I could on a 12×12″ piece of cardstock.  Each pinwheel is two pieces of paper layered on top of each other and then alternately folded into the middle and attached together with a large grad.  I adhered them to the Stix with hot glue.

They are BIG!  They are SO fun but will be a bit of a challenge to carry to school for an entire class!  Without the Pixie Stix, these giant pinwheels would be fun to decorate for almost any party too!

free printable pinwheel

Do you have Valentines you got as a kid at school that you still remember??

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