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Sweet Valentines Cookie Houses

January 16, 2018

This is one of my all-time favorite Valentine projects!  Sugar cookie houses with valentine candy decorations.  I made 6 of them for my little missy’ soiree with her friends and they were such fun!  I have included a FREE printable template below so you can make one too!

I prebaked and pre-assembled them so they kiddos could just play with the candy and not worry about making them stand up.  I used an upside paper plate to mount them on because to makes them look they are on display more than if the plate was turned upright.   I had all kinds of candy but I kept them in a pink and red color scheme for the most part, and I made the frosting pink! TIP*  when you give kids frosting bags, wrap the top tightly with a rubber band so the frosting can’t backfire!

FREE printable Sweet Cookie House Template

This is the recipe I use for sugar cookies that don’t lose their shape!

Have you ever made a cookie house for an occasion other than Christmas??  or out of something other than gingerbread?

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