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I {heart} Valentines Day

January 24, 2018

I love paper crafting and no other holiday is quite as suitable to paper crafting, it seems than Valentine’s Day!  So, I love preparing little goodies for Valentine’s Day.  This year I am doing a swap with some friends (more about that later) so I am working on these little candy dispensers.  My favorite guilty pleasure is mini peppermint patties so I am making this dispenser specifically in size and shape to “dispense” mini peppermint patties!

I am making a whole bunch, so I choose double-sided papers in pinks and reds so I could pretty much mix and match the patterns for sort of eclectic look.  I started by making a sample to work out all the kinks before I cut and prepped the bunch of them.  I am glad I did because there were a few parts I had to figure out and tweak!

This is the pattern I started with.  I love my Tombow Aqua Glue because it has a tiny little tip and you don’t need much and it dries clear and hard – it makes things stronger once they are dry.

It took me a few minutes and some tweaking to work out these funny tabs on the pattern.  They are “stops” for the drawer so you don’t pull them open all the way.  They are doubled over to create strength.  I used a good coat of glue on these to strengthen and harden them even more.

I decided the little “drawer” at the bottom need a handle so I added the ribbon as a pull tab.  I like to add interest with different textures and I wanted it to be strong so I used a staple.

My other favorite adhesive is this double-sided tape.  It is just like double-sided crafting tape, although maybe even stronger!  I did a ton of research on double-sided tape when I discovered how much I liked it – trying to get it for as cheap as possible!  I finally wound up purchasing tape that is used by car detailers to adhere the trim on cars.  It is tough stuff! I buy it locally – I am still trying to source it online for the good deal I buy it at!

Once it was all put together I embellished them with stickers of paper and vinyl and tied them with twine to be sure they stayed closed till they were delivered!  I am excited to share them because they are so cute!  They could work for pretty much any small candy!

The pattern I used is HERE if you are ready to make some dispensers of your own! What is your favorite candy? What will you fill them with?

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