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14 Day Valentines Day SWAP

January 26, 2018

I finally organized a swap I have wanted to do for a few years! I reached out to all my local friends and asked who was interested in participating and  I got 13 other women to jump on board!

Each woman agreed to make 14 small cute and charming Valentine treats and we all swap them with each other so we had 14 different ones! At first a few of the women were overwhelmed with whether or not they could up with something “cute enough” or  “creative enough”{Comparison is the thief of joy!}, but there are lots of ideas on Pinterest and I didn’t want an idea to stop anyone from playing with us so I kept sending out ideas I found.  I also offered to help anyone wanting my help with whatever part they needed.   I helped some women with tags and others with assembly and it was fun to have some girl time together over this little project!

I wanted to share the projects we all swapped…

We got together one afternoon and swapped them all! As we laid them out across the counter everybody felt like they were in grade school again, excited to share their personal homemade valentines!

I make gift bags for each woman to take your bundles come in!

And I gave each friend a Valentine from me – a collection of handmade pins that they could keep for herself or share.  I always love an opportunity to make these little cutie pins! 

Our swaps became Valentines some of the women sent to their grandchildren, some of them gave one each day to a son or daughter, some left as a surprise for their hubby or gave to friends as a token of appreciation!  I have been getting text all week long of people who had a lot of fun delivering these charming delightful Valentine Spizzies!

Oh my goodness, my family just LOVES the valentines!  They are so impressed.  :)!!!!  I’m wondering if everyone is having as much fun with this as I am?  🙂  So fun!  I have those beautiful, white sacks you lovingly made for us tucked into my bathroom cabinet to remind me to put them out first thing each morning.  So fun!!!!  ~ Anna


You can see some other ideas for swaps and more here on my Pinterest board for Valentines Day

I am now getting down to business working on my “real” Valentine gifts for my hubby and kiddos!  I will keep you posted!  Who are you making Valentines for?

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