Hire Me

Would you like to make someone feel extra special?

Handmade cards, t-shirts, pillows, labels, signs, and party favors make people feel extraordinary!  These personal mini works of art will surprise, charm, and delight your family and friends.

  • Individual cards start at $3.50
  • Basic vinyl base price:  12″ x 24″  $25.00
  • T-shirts and Heat Transfer Vinyl decal base price 12″x12″ $12
    • multi colors, glitter, holographic, and printed vinyl additional 
  •    Please contact me to confirm the pricing for your specific request.  

Would you like something personalized
 or custom made especially for you? 
That is my specialty. 
Please contact me: Judy@Sprizzie.com
Let’s work together to make you something unique and original


a small gift, treat, offering, random act of kindness, present, decorative or festive item, given by way of compliment or as an expression of friendly regard: as to show favor to someone, honor or make a gesture of support, a token of goodwill or friendship or loyalty


surprise, completely unexpected occurrence, to strike with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, through unexpectedness, amazing, unanticipated, delightful, pleasant, highly pleasing, pleasurable, charming, enchanting, agreeable