About Me

  1. Beach or Mountains? It’s a toss-up!
  2. Pen or Pencil?  my favorite mechanical pencil or a brand new sharp pencil
  3. Favorite Color? pink, pale turquoise, pink, turquoise, PINK!
  4. I hoard paper for crafting like sewers hoard fabric.
  5. My favorite paper craft to make is 3D boxes in all kinds of crazy shapes.
  6. I like cheddar cheese with apples and apple pie. “Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.”
  7. I got married and had my first child at 35 years old.
  8. I am a big time list maker – I love the satisfaction of crossing things off.
  9. I shop almost exclusively online except for groceries
  10. I have a joint major in Sociology and Anthropology – I have a degree in people watching!
  11. Morning Lark or Night owl? Night Owl
  12. I have never broken a bone.
  13. I am American …and Canadian! I got my U.S. citizenship a few years ago at a huge court in downtown Los Angeles
  14. I spent 6 weeks without eating or drinking (nothing going down my throat) when I was pregnant.
  15. I have skydived 6 times – static line, and free fall, not tandem! And I would have done it more if I have not been a broke student.
  16. Music or podcasts while walking? A friend!  I need a friend to work out with or I won’t go!
  17. Cake or pie? Frosting and piecrust!
  18. Big party or small gathering? Big party!
  19. Sneakers or heels? Flip flops whenever I can!
  20. I have been in Bethlehem on Christmas day.
  21. I have been to Russia twice. (For 3 weeks in December! It was so cold!!)
  22. My favorite TV show was White Collar; I miss Neal!
  23. I like to eat popcorn with a spoon
  24. Would I rather hire a cook or a cleaner?  – a cleaner because my husband is a great cook!
  25. Sweet over salty, and chocolate over pretty much everything (but please not with nuts!)
  26. I met my husband on the internet and have been married since 2000.
  27. I worked with Ryan Reynold’s brother and the first time I saw Ryan in a movie I freaked out cause he and his brother have such similar mannerisms!
  28. My pet peeve is when someone ignores a message, text, or email.
  29. I once caught an entire pail full of frogs – I always wonder how they didn’t squish each other to death!
  30. The two most valuable words in the English language are simply: Thank You
  31. My greatest fear is dying in the ocean and being eaten by sharks.

Ok, your turn!  What are three things I might not know about you?